Grow Your Church As A Business


Run your church as a business, we have a variety of activities and programs just for you!

Our Church Business Network is devoted to helping churches run as a business and Pastors get connected, and the best part is, there are no additional membership fees to join. Also, our Business Conversations and Roundtable programs provide forums and information specifically tailored to the many challenges of running a your church as a business. Finally, Church Overseers will benefit from our Fast Track Business and Nonprofit development courses, which guide budding churches on the path to success.

Monthly  Newsletter
Spotlight  focuses on Church Chamber Events and Member news, photos and or video information. This monthly electronic publication is available on our site.

National Church Chamber of Commerce Video News-Press 
Church Chamber Members who have video events can upload here for video news consideration. We will not be able to select everyone however those selected will be featured here on our web television platform at no charge. Our goal is to highlight three Church Chamber Members monthly.  News-Press advertisements spots are available at $25 for non-members: $15 for registered members; $10 for subscribed members.


Free Templates

We don’t recommend just downloading these and printing out right away – you will still need to download the file you want, and make any changes to reflect your individual purpose. These are only provided as a starting point for your ministry – and nothing can replace the advice of a good nonprofit consultant or business lawyer. That being said, feel free to download, print, share.

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We will always seek to follow God’s vision for our lives and ministries, believing that we are in a dynamic partnership with God that shapes our vision according to the divine will and purpose.

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We will uphold the uniqueness of Jesus Christ, crucified and risen, the only Lord and Savior of the world, and the authority of Scripture, the rule and ultimate standard of faith.